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If you are in Bejing and own a CJ750 sidecar, join us for a ride on any weekend. If you are interested special travel arrangements via sidecar or motorcycle, send an e-mail to cj750net@gmail.com.

Read all of our FAQs and jump the learning curve. Please feel free to send us any information that will help another rider.
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Faq Intro Page:

The following Tips and FAQ pages have been gathered from e-mails, talking to riders, and importantly written by fellow Chang Jiang 750 riders that have been riding many decades. Some of the contributors to the site have been trained on the Chang Jiang 750 sidecars as soldiers in the 1960's and 1970's have been riding for more than 40 years.

No matter where you get your Chang Jiang 750, you will find the following FAQs helpful and will answer many questions, cuts through all the myths and Bullshit, and importantly gives you some light on owning and understand the Chang Jiang 750.

Do your research before you buy, and if you have any experience or something to contribute, please feel free to send us your experience, any tips, FAQ, or information.

Click on the bold blue text to read more in html, and also available in PDF:

  • Owning and Buying a Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing:
    A must read for those living in Beijing and wanting to own and ride a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, get all the information before you make your decision. Many CJ750 owners will wish they have read this because it spells out all you need to know and why you should not buy an illegally registered CJ750 especially when legally licensed ones are available.

  • Owning a Chang Jiang 750 in Other Parts of China:
    See those
    incredible sidecars around and want one? A must read for the expat in China outside of Beijing that wants to own a CJ750.

  • Buying Tips:
    Looking to buy a CJ750, you definitely need to read this before you make any commitment. All the little details that will avoid a lemon.

  • Myths and Truth About the Chang Jiang 750:
    There is so much misinformation in the market, find out the facts about "fake parts, PLA bikes, new bikes, and all the rumors and stories, and a must read for those that have forgotten about the Great Leap Forward, cottage industries, communes, and Lysanko's influence, and especially those that believe that there are fake Chang Jiang 750 sidecars.

  • Data and Specification:
    Basic technical data.

  • Buying and Exporting a Chang Jiang 750:
    This should answer many of your questions pertaining to getting a CJ750 to your country. A must to read for those that want to buy a CJ750 from overseas via the internet. This takes the myth and B.S. out of getting a CJ750 and will answer many basic questions like what documents you need. Many shops will not give you all the details till you make a committment. We tell it like it is! Buy your CJ750 with all the facts straight from Big Bill's Bikes.

  • Vechical Registration Translation:
    Translation (PDF doc.) needed for registration purposes. This is a copy of the proof of ownership. If anyone can send me a French, German, Dutch etc. version it would be great for us to post it to help out fellow CJ owners.. Some countries require this to be notorized from an offical translation service.

  • Shipping Cost:
    How much does it cost to ship a Chang Jiang 750 to your port.

  • Ready to buy?:
    If you ready to buy, click on this page and we will get started.

  • Chrome Quality:
    Did someone say "Chinese" chrome rust? This will clear up rumors and B.S. about the quality of Chrome, unlike what some site and dealer claims, there is excellent chrome available in China and you can have it for your CJ750.

  • Paint Coating:
    Information on Big Bill's Bikes incredible paint jobs and seamless pinstripes. Big Bill's Bikes paint jobs set the quality standards.

  • Choice Restoration Details:
    Want to restore and customize you CJ750 at a low budget, find out what goes into a choice restoration?

  • Premium Restoration Details:
    Like those CJ750 that some dealers sell for up to 10,000USD? Well similar looking CJ750 with better quality are available at Big Bill's Bikes for a fraction of the outrageous price that are charged to foreigners, so find out all the details of what goes into a premium restoration. This is excellent reference material on what you should get for your money.

  • Details of PLA Issued CJ750:
    Get all the facts on the big fuss about PLA because there are thousands of them waiting for you. Read about how you can own a PLA issued Chang Jiang 750 sidecars for export on this page and importantly why PLA is very common. This will clear the B.S. and you will find out about the real reason why most shops use PLA CJ750 sidecars for export. There is no exclusive dealer for PLA issued sidecars! and stock is not going to run out.

  • PLA Enthusiast:
    The hottest word in the Chang Jiang 750 world. If you have a passion for PLA in front of everything you buy then this is definitely something you need to read to buy a PLA branded CJ750. A must for those that have to own a PLA issued Chang Jiang 750 sidecar. Read this and find out how you can own a PLA issued Chang Jiang 750 sidecar at the local Beijing prices from Big Bill's Bikes.

  • Details for WW2 Restoration:
    All the details of for WWII re-enactors and WWII military sidecar enthusiast. Read the details and compare what we offer. We are the only shop to list all of our details with no B.S. Get ezactly what you order and more, this is details you must have to get a high quality restoration!

  • BMW R75 History from BMW (PDF):
    The actual history of the R75 from BMW directly.

  • BMW R75 History:
    A short story of how the R75 came abouts from WWII enthusiast.

  • Chang Jiang 750 History:
    Another version of the CJ750 story.

  • New Owner Tips:
    Very important information for new owners to better understand their new toy. This will give you all the basics and save you lots of headache.

  • Performance and Problems:
    Lots of short basic information to help you know your Chang Jiang 750 and understand all the little problems that can occur, you definitely need to read this to understand your old timer motorcycle. 1940's technology at its best, this FAQ will save you alot of misunderstanding and also worry with your Chang Jiang 750.
  • Breaking in Process:
    A properly broken in CJ750 will give you the best performance.
  • Carburator Adjustment:
    Your engine missing a beat, poor accelerationg, white smoke, no power, etc..Some tips on setting your carburators.

  • Distributor Adjustment:
    Having a hard time starting your bike or it has no power?

  • Gear Adjustment:
    Having gear slipping problems? Before you take apart your transmission, have it adjusted.

  • Plugs and Valves:
    Problems with over heating or funny clicking noises in the engine?

and finally pages of my personal experiences and learning from dealing with some of the local shops:

  • How to Buy a Chang Jiang 750:
    What you should look for in Buying a CJ750, work in progress and strictly my own experience and personal opinion. A recap of everything above and some interesting stories.
  • The CJ750 Con:
    The CJ750 rip off artist and CJ750 shop cons: Find out how to avoid them and it will for sure save you some money and headache. Read this and you will go up the learning curve much faster and will cost you less money, less headache, and you will get better service.

Written by Chang Jiang 750 riders for Chang Jiang 750 riders!



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