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About Chrome:

There many rumors about the quality of chrome on CJ750 sidecars so this FAQ will set all the information straight. There are only a few dealers that use good quality chrome. Do not believe the rumor that "Chinese Chrome is not good". The unscrupulous dealer that tells you that chrome is not good mainly because it maximize his profit by giving you painted parts only. If you want a standard PLA CJ750 M1 or M1M for export that has little or no chrome parts it should not cost more than 2,100USD. Check out our price list, do your research and compare.

Basically are three types of chrome parts in Beijing. Unfortunately, most shops will use the less expensive chrome which will tend to rust. Excellent quality chrome is expensive. There is excellent quality chrome available and Big Bill's Bikes and a few other dealers will use this type of chrome for our premium Chang Jiang 750 sidecars. On premium restoration our chrome is 100 of the best quality, be aware that some dealers will combine good chrome with stock chrome. You can see the quality differences in our tail lights page.

Most dealers use factory – Nan Chang chrome parts, which Big Bill's Bikes considers as the lowest grade of chrome. All of the factory "new" CJ750 sidecars come with this chrome. Normally you can see the polishing lines and scratch marks on the surface. Over time, usually a few months of exposure to the elements, this chrome will turn yellow and rust. This chrome gives of a dull shine and will not reflect any images clearly.

In Beijing the most popular chrome is the medium quality chrome shop of Yung Le. Many shops use this factory because they do a fairly decent job, definitely better than the stock Nan Chang chrome, and it is not too expensive. This chrome is shiny and is fairly smooth however it is gives off a whitish sheen. The quality is not consistent because chroming varies depending on the part and also it is only polished only once during the chroming process. This chrome will last a bit longer than Nan Chang chrome, however will eventually rust within a year or so.

The best quality chrome available comes for a factory called Fu Hao. The owner of this factory is trained by German technicians and has all the proper polishing wheels and tools for the correct process in doing excellent chroming. Each layer from the original part, the copper, then nickel is all polished during the process and when the chroming is applied thus the finish is far superior to all the other chrome available. The parts are all bathed to correct time and temperature so it will not be too hard or bubble up. Not only is it smooth, the shine is bluish and reflects like a mirror, it will not rust and last for a long time. Look at our photos and you can see the difference in the shine between our premium CJ750 restoration compared to our regular CJ750 sidecars. This chrome is much more expensive then other chrome also during the process many of the parts get ruined and damaged from the polishing so it pushes up the price.

Big Bill's Bikes charges the best prices in town for excellent quality chrome, ask around and visit our shop. We set the standards for fair pricing. There is no need to pay more, you can bring our price list to the various shops to get a fair price or just get it from us with no bullshit. Check out our beautiful Chang Jiang 750 sidecars and compare the quality.

Nan Chang chrome 3,200 RMB
Yung Le chrome 4,800 RMB
Fu Hao chrome 8,300 RMB

Check around with all the dealers and look at the differences of our chrome parts and importantly ask them what they are charging and what you are getting. We can even take you to the factory direct for those that order more than one premium restoration CJ750!

Please note that when ordering excellent quality chrome may take longer than the usual required time to assemble your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar.

Written by Chang Jiang 750 riders for Chang Jiang 750 riders!

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