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Check out our WWII BMW R75 sidecar replicas. We have the most detailed restorations in Beijing and probably all of China. Other dealers will just give a paint job and claim they are a R75 restoration, well check out our details which include items such as: quick release pannier boxes as similar to the original BMW boxes and mounts, lowered front fender, front fender guard, machine gun mount, jerry can gas cans and brackets, headlight cover, left engine guard, vertical seat springs - double or single, rubber shock covers, duck boards, headlamp with on/off switch, powder coated hubs, powder coated rims, powder coated spokes, powder coated engine, sidecar brakes, front brake switch, WW-II German replica front and back plates, WW-II division and tactical marks decals, battery box, frame mounted tool box, shovel (and mounting hardware), axe (and mounting hardware), air pump, hydraulic jack, halogen headlight, cloth tonneau cover (sidecar cover), bike cover, wheel cover, military fog lights, extra wide hubs M-5 wheels, sidecar mounted “double spare wheel” option, gas tank with glove box, gas tank with side fill cap position, tow bar, replica of original BMW metal tags and plates, colors available in Panzer Grey, Matte Black, US Green, PLA Green, Africa Korps Yellow, UN White.

For all our WWII replicas, most upgrades are included, just drop us a line and check out our build list. For WWII enthusiast and re enactors check out these book links I found on the internet. BMW owners manual, BMW R75, BMW 1938 Manual, BMW 750 Military, Heavy Sidecar Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht, Motorcycles of War.

Read all of our pages, look closely at our pictures, do your research, we list all of our details and you may see them on our WWII R75 restoration details page, all of our prices, give you an itemized cost, and you will be surprised and shocked when you find our prices are up to half of some of our competitors. Quality, Price, Service, what more can you ask for in purchasing a CJ750

R75 history - The real story, read this to find out the history of these great bikes!

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WWII index | color comparison | decals
BMW R 75 restoration details | WWII BMW R75 sidecar story

Double click on the thumbnail photos below to see more detailed pictures!

Pages < 00 | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 >
WWII index | color comparison | decals
BMW R 75 restoration details | WWII BMW R75 sidecar story

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