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Buying a Chang Jiang 750 for other parts of China:

Big Bill's Bikes has restored CJ750 sidecars for clients from all over China and have been seeing an increasing amount of customers from other cities especially Shanghai, basically because of an increase in the expatriate community and also because Big Bill's Bikes is one of the few shops that sell these sidecars at a fair market price with absolutely no financial discrimination to foreigners. We also send lots of parts to Shanghai so talk to some of our friends in Shanghai and you can ride together.

Each city has different requirements and tolerance for riders. Find out the local rules and regulations for getting a Chang Jiang 750 registered, or find out if there are any restrictions to Chang Jiang 750 sidecars registered in other cities.


  • You can ride with plates from other cities after 20:00 and on weekends.
  • Shipping a CJ750 from Beijing to Shanghai is 1,700RMB by train.
  • Police is very strict, will confiscate illegal Chang Jiang 750.
  • Local license cost 17,000RMB (price is always changing).
  • Will only license Chang Jiang 750 with Shanghai issued receipts (fa piao).
  • Licenses are available registered to a company, however make sure that you have contract that the company will help you renew the bike every year or they may hold you hostage.
  • There are no black plates for Shanghai.
  • Black plates are only in Beijing.
  • Shipping a CJ750 out of Shanghai requires many documents, it may be more advisable to have it shipped to Beijing for restoration and then from Beijing (Tianjin) to your home country.
  • There are many shops that can do repairs on Chang Jiang 750 sidecars, however you may need to get your own parts. Big Bill's Bikes has a group of CJ750 owners that do get together to share information and also help each other with parts.
  • Shipping a CJ750 via train from Beijing to Shanghai is 1,800RMB and takes one day.


  • Police is very strict they will confiscate your Chang Jiang 750.
  • They do not register new bikes, however will only accept a pre-registered Chang Jiang 750 with documents from the auto bureau where the sidecar is registered.


  • NOT CJ750 friendly


  • CJ750 friendly


  • CJ750 friendly

Questions to ask before you buy your Chang Jiang 750:

  • What are the road restrictions?
  • Is day riding allowed?
  • Is night riding allowed?
  • Are weekends restricted too?
  • Will they confiscate my Chang Jiang 750 or not care?
  • Will they allow Chang Jiang 750 registered from other cities to ride in town?
  • Will they allow me to get new plates?
  • If yes, what do I need?
  • Do I need local receipt (fapiao)?
  • Are receipt (fapiao) from another city allowed?
  • Local registration requirements, visa, residence permit, etc.
  • Registration from another city allowed?
  • If no, what are the alternatives?
  • Will they allow me to transfer plates?

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