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The Ultimate Sidecar Conversion!

A classic sidecar mated with an incredible engine….This is the ULTIMATE Sidecar; offering the classic look of the CJ 750 and modern performance a BMW engine.

Our friend Jim Bryant <www.bmwsidecar.com>, <www.bjdragons.com> and a few of our friends are experts at putting BMW engines into the CJ 750 sidecar. Jim has experience many years with CJ 750 sidecars and are the only shops in BJ that has the know-how and experience to properly put a BMW engine into a CJ 750 and make it run properly. Jim have converted many CJ 750 sidecars with BMW engines and now you can also order one of these ultimate sidecar. If you are in Beijing and interested in such conversions drop us a line. If you already own a CJ 750 with a BMW engine and needs some repairs or work done or if you have a CJ 750 and want to add a BMW engine or just want to own one of these beauties, e-mail us.

Pictured below is Jim Bryant's BMW R75 conversion which participated in the 2005 YinChuan Motorcycle festival. This BMW conversion sidecar has had thousands of KM on it and no oils leaks, no oil buring and with 60hp it accelerates and goes up hills with ease. The front wheel also has Triumph double lead brakes thus it has increased stopping power, and for comfort during long rides it has a extra wide seat. Feel free to contact us or Jim Bryant for one of these incredible sidecar. If you already own a CJ750 and want a BMW engine in it, Jim also has coversion kits so you can drop a BMW engine into your own CJ750 easily.

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