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The Ultimate Chang Jiang 750!

This is the Ultimate Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, it has the classic frame and the performance of a BMW engine. There are many old BMW engines from the 60's 70's 80's are available on e-bay that are more than 30 years old in the USA and also in Europe. You can custom build a CJ 750 with the stock engine and also order an extra transmission and drive that has been modified for a BMW engine, this coversion can just fit the engine right into in the frame without many modifications. That is a combination of the classic look and the best performance available and it cost much less than an original BMW sidecar.

Below is an R80 conversion which also includes the original BMW fork with disk brakes installed. The conversion has a matt black finish giving it a military look.

Drop us a line for one of these incredible sidecars or go directly to www.bmwsidecar.com.

Check out the R60/6 conversion. This quality BMW engine sidecar is the standard CJ750 conversion. She carries alot the "ear-marks" of Frank and Jim's restoration such as the R-71 style fender mounts front and rear. The lower forks are chrome plated while the upper fork covers are painted except for the trim ring seperating the headlight mounting ears from the upper fork covers. That is also chrome plated, and the excellent chrome plating lasts. The frames, both bike and sidecar are powder-coated. The electrical wiring, the voltage regulator and the diode board are all hidden under the tank leaving a very clean look. Frank and Jim will do customize bikes according to our customer's specifications so for those that want the performance of a BMW engine with the classic looks fo the CJ750, www.bmwsidecar.com is the shop to visit.

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