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Go Where the local Go, Its Has Got to Be Good!

This Metallic Green CJ 750 is a high quality restoration that has been enhanced with the following: high speed 4th gear, high speed back drive gear, racing tires, 10 layer paint job, tool box gas tank, frame tool box, constant velocity carburetors, braided cables, engine, transmission, brake cover and rear drive polishing. Our client was so happy that many of his friends that ride are also our clients.

Any color, any type of chrome, super polishing, our customized '97 CJ 750 sidecars completed cost less than our competitors stock "new" CJ 750. Shop around and you will find out the real market value for a CJ 750. ZMW restores over 30 CJ 750 sidecars per month, visit us and find out why we are the leading CJ 750 shop in Beijing. With a legal CJ 750 you do not risk getting it confiscated and you are covered with insurance.

Quality work, honest prices, "No Bullshit", is basically all the reasons you need to talk to us about your CJ 750 especially if you are in Beijing.

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'97 CJ750 index , accessories , front fenders , light configurations

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'97 CJ750 index , accessories , front fenders , light configurations


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