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A Classic Chang Jiang Sidecar - M72

Check out the M72 details. Compare the details to a new model and you will see the difference between this and the newer Chang Jiang 750. If someone offers you a 1950's, 1960's, or pre 1970's Chang Jiang sidecar, you can check for its authenticity. All 1956 to 1960 Chang Jiang sidecars have these details, the original production of frames were made in two batches one in 1956 and in 1959. In the early 1970's they started to use the newer frames which do not have the welded tubular joints.

Details to notice include: welded frame with sleeved tubes, gas tanks front part has extruding lip and square spacer at the back, grease nipples on seat mount, movable back arm on sidecar frame and front motorcycle frame, curved fender guard in the back, fender mounts are buckled outwards, oil stick is at the bottom of the engine (type one engine), triple tree mount on top is rounded and has serial numbers, external wiring, seat rubber has "7425" logo, sidecar mounts are not welded they are bolted on, etc....

A very important point is that these type one engines with the oil stick in the bottom are rare and old, however it does not perform any better than the newer 6volt type two engines or the 12 volt engines which is more advanced and very convienent to use. Certain parts, such as crank shaft, for these engines are also very hard to find. We have notice many people interested in buying "vintage and original" 1960 Chang Jiangs, so pay attention to the details carefully and make sure you get the what you are looking for. In the 1970's newer frames were made and some of the old M72 production parts where used to assemble the these Chang Jiang 750, however parts have to be modified in order to fit the newer frames.

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